Construction works of our new East Wing are progressing

Project state on july 2019!

East Wing - July 19
Genève Aéroport,

Press Kit: East Wing

East Wing: an extension dedicated to long-haul aircrafts

Fully funded by Genève Aéroport, the East Wing project aims at improving the reception of passengers on intercontinental flights by responding to the current standards in this area. It will replace the current infrastructure dedicated to large aircraft, built in 1975 as a provisional facility and today obsolete, by a high energy performance building.

Providing new boarding lounges, it will allow an upgrade of infrastructures by improving the safety of aeronautical operations. Furthermore, the project meets the economic, touristic and diplomatic needs, aiming to maintain and consolidate the long-haul offer.

With the East Wing, Genève Aéroport intends to strengthen its contribution to the international reach and the economic prosperity of its region. Moreover, this structure will participate in business development and job creation.

Aile Est

Overview of the building

Some key data:

Size: 520 metres (length), 20 metres (width), 19 metres (height)

  • 6 contact positions for large aircraft
  • Passenger flows above the runaway
  • Service road at the runaway level
  • Customs road and technical facilities in the basement
  • Photovoltaic roof

Positive-energy structure

The East Wing concept is based on a positive-energy building, which will improve the energy balance of the airport through the implementation of state-of-the art technologies:

  • Electricity produced by 5,000 sqm of solar panels
  • More than 100 geothermal probes for heat pumps
  • Glazed facades for natural light
  • Additional LED lighting
  • Equipment of the best energy class
  • Rainwater recovery facilities
  • Optimal thermal insulation through triple glazing
  • Removal of buses on the runaway

With this project, Genève Aéroport wrote a new chapter in its history.