Genève Aéroport received the ACA 3+ Accreditation: a Benchmark in terms of Carbon emissions offset

With the ACA 3+ accreditation issued by the Airports Council International (ACI), Genève Aéroport shows its level of exemplarity in offsetting its CO2 emissions. This accreditation represents another evidence of its commitment to our environment and to a sustainable development.

On 25 January 2018 ACI has recognised the work undertaken by Genève Aéroport to offset carbon dioxide emissions associated with airport operations. This distinction stems from the actions implemented in 2017 to offset previous year’s carbon emissions. The carbon generated throughout an entire year is thus totally offset by the purchase of certificates that correspond to 10,000 tons of carbon for the relative year.

The ACA certification is the worldwide standard for the management of airports greenhouse gas emissions. It is evolving and follows closely the actions taken by airports in this field. Part of its credibility is related to the existence of a peer review mechanism which represents a guarantee of independence and quality. In 2018, 211 airports are level 4 ACA accredited, but only 37 did receive a full mark, namely the 3+ (carbon neutral) certification, which Genève Aéroport has just obtained. Genève Aéroport thus joins the club of the best airports in terms of carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting is done through the purchase of credits. These were acquired from the companies Ecoact and South Pole and originate from two projects accredited using to the Gold Standard methodology. One of the projects relates to the distribution of efficient homes in rural areas in Kenya and the other concerns the implementation of a small biomass power plant in Western China using culture waste.

Since 2011, Genève Aéroport is level 3 certified. This new level 3+ distinction represents another sign of Genève Aéroport’s commitment to sustainable development favouring a proactive environmental policy.

Sébastien LepratHead of External Relations (+41 76 577 05 71)