Genève Aéroport makes various improvements for the benefit of its users


The glass façade of the main terminal at the check-in level will be renovated and advanced several metres in front of the terminal to give more space to the check-in hall.

The area of the check-in hall of Genève Aéroport (or main terminal T1) will be increased by the advancement of the façade. More than one thousand square meters will be earned on the forecourt of the airport terminal. They will allow a redistribution of spaces, indoors, and will improve the quality of travellers reception, optimise spaces dedicated to airlines and streamline passenger flow.This construction site starts today and will finish at the end of 2017. It will take place in several successive stages, throughout which the access to the terminal will be temporarily changed. Temporary signs will be used and regularly updated to indicate passengers the path to follow.

It should be noted that, throughout the first stage of the works, access to the check-in counters is made primarily from the outside, directly from the check-in floor. Indeed, the arrivals passage at the check-in level from the inside of the terminal (via the stairs, escalators and elevators), will be temporarily reduced.The passage of the check-in level located at the floor above the departures continues to be made from the inside of the terminal, via the facilities (stairs, escalators and elevators). These facilities will be reduced, those remaining being duly indicated.

Arrival by train

Passengers arriving at Genève Aéroport by train to take a plane must exit the railway station through the upper level. Only individuals who wish to go to the arrivals will exit through the shopping gallery, as well as people with reduced mobility, who must follow the paths indicated by appropriate signage.

Arrival by public transport

People arriving at Genève Aéroport by bus, shuttle bus, taxi or who are dropped in front of the Terminal at the Kiss&Fly enter the check-in hall directly from the platform on which they were dropped. Those who must go to the arrivals floor should prefer elevators or staircases to go down a level.

Arrival by private car

Users of the platform who come by a private vehicle to take a plane must exit the parking lots at the check-in level (button E of the elevators).Those who want to go directly to the arrivals level exit at the arrivals (button A of the elevators)Users arriving at the airport by other means should prefer, for parking, the level to which they go.

ImprovementInaugurated in May 1968 and originally planned to accommodate 5 million passengers, the main terminal of Genève Aéroport welcomes today more than 16 million passengers per year. Various sites have already helped increase the area of this building. At the end of this development site of the façade, the space dedicated to passengers and airlines will be optimised. Throughout the duration of works, an effort will be made to alleviate nuisance caused by the construction. At the end of 2017, tarpaulins protecting the construction areas will reveal a fully renovated infrastructure that will enhance the architectural appearance of the building.