Genève Aéroport opens its new Terrace to the public


Genève Aéroport's new public terrace is ready! From Thursday 24 June, visitors will be able to enjoy this space which offers not only commanding views over the tarmac, but the Jura mountain chain as a backdrop too. With free entrance until the end of 2021, access to « Terrace Panorama » will be subject to a security check.

« Terrace Panorama » was initially designed to be the highlight of the Genève Aéroport’s centenary celebrations in September 2020. Unfortunately, the health measures implemented for the Covid-19 pandemic meant that its opening had to be postponed by almost a year. It is therefore with a good deal of pride and a sense of relief that Genève Aéroport will open its new terrace on Thursday 24 June at 10 am!

With free entrance for the public until the end of 2021, six days a week during high season, the terrace boasts an exceptional view of the tarmac, with the Jura mountain chain in the background. Plane spotters will be able to monitor the runway from end to end, while the layout allows the opportunity for some beautiful photography. This non-smoking area is located on the 4th floor of the main building (T1) and is accessible after passing through a dedicated security check. On site, a bar offers snacks and refreshments. In addition, visitors can also access a projection room showing films about Genève Aéroport and its history.

20 years of absence

Actually, this is not the first terrace open to the public on the airport site. Genève Aéroport has had platforms for visitors to admire planes from since 1925, relocated around the site as architectural changes were carried out on the buildings. The most emblematic of these dates back to the construction of the new terminal in 1968. Forming an esplanade of some 500 meters long and 4 meters wide, right above the tarmac. Over the years, it became a popular venue for local visitors too, especially at the weekend.

With the new works to the west wing in the early 2000s, the airport lost its panoramic terrace, to the particular dismay of plane spotters. In 2017, André Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, launched a new project, and one especially close to his own heart. His objective: to re-establish that close connection between the local population and the airport site, as well as to round off Genève Aéroport's 100th anniversary by offering visitors an exceptional view of the runway. « Isn't it every child's dream to be able to look at planes up close? I am delighted that Genevans will be able to enjoy a terrace once again after twenty years of absence », he explains.


Useful information


  • Elevator at the Arrivals level of the main building (T1), 4th floor

Opening times:

  • High season (1 May - 31 October): Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm (last entrance at 6 pm)
  • Low season (1 November - 14 March): closed
  • Mid-season (15 March - 30 April): Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm (last entrance at 4 pm)