Pushing the walls for the comfort of passengers

Terminal 1 is expanded and adapted to expedite the security checks and reduce wait timesAt Genève Aéroport, pushing the walls is not a figment of the imagination. With the extension of Terminal 1 at the departures level, the creation of new security check points and the extension of control points for passengers coming from or going to a place outside the Schengen area, the airport decrease queues. Barely eighteen months were needed to invest nearly 27 million in stone. Furthermore, 180 employees of Genève Aéroport were trained. On the eve of the holidays and for the ski season, Terminal 1 is ready to accommodate a large inflow of passengers.

Terminal 1 of Genève Aéroport is expanded by 1600 square meters. Beyond the space saved, which enhances the movement of passengers, these works - amounting to about 25 million - reinforce security. New fire escapes are created and the building meets the new seismic standards in force. This open-heart expansion, performed without ever closing the building to the public, also houses counters and administrative spaces for companies. In the interest of sustainable development, which is a driver of every work performed by Genève Aéroport, one thousand square meters of solar panels have been installed. These works finally improve accessibility by public transport: a pedestrian path, located along the first floor of the terminal, facilitates the connection with the train station and buses.

Next year, a significant expansion will be made in the security crossing points located at the east side of the terminal. In the meantime, Genève Aéroport has already set up new control areas. These are located on the first floor, at the west side of Terminal 1, and include three Xray machines and two control gates. These additional facilities allow, during periods of high attendance, to control an additional 240 passengers per hour. More than 1 million has been spent on this development, which will significantly decrease queues during winter holidays.

Finally, traffic will be much better for passengers arriving or departing from destinations outside the Schengen area. New customs control points have been set up for satellite 10, worth about CHF 600,000. These are modular and can be removed to facilitate travellers’ passage when needed.

Geneva, 22 December 2017Contact: Sébastien Leprat, Head of Public Relations, +41 22 717 76 24