Maps and indoor geolocation from Apple Maps

Since 15 December 2017, passengers of Genève Aéroport can locate the different places inside the airport, in relation to where they are, thanks to Apple’s native “Maps” application. Genève Aéroport is the first place in Switzerland to be equipped with this technology and is listed among the top six airports in Europe.

From now on, passengers who have made the update to IOS 11 (iPad and iPhone) can move within Genève Aéroport by consulting the indoor map of the airport from their mobile phone. They pinpoint their position, select where they want to go, and can find their way from one point to another, using the “Maps” application offered by default on Apple products.

A valuable tool for projecting inside the airport and finding the check-in desks, the security check, the boarding gates, the baggage claim area, the washrooms and the shops and restaurants, listed by location and type. And why not, simply by asking Siri. The application shows the user’s position in real time and instantly switches from one floor to another depending on his/her position.

This feature is a major innovation, as indoor geolocation is non-trivial (absence of GPS signal inside buildings). In addition, Apple's geolocation does not require any installation of dedicated elements such as “Beacons” to provide a very precise position. It can also be used in other applications, as is the case for the iOS version of GVApp. Only six airports in Europe offer this service directly in Apple’s “Maps” app and Genève Aéroport is the first place in Switzerland to offer it to its passengers.