Major weather-related disruptions on Genève Aéroport. Traffic resumes gradually.


Due to heavy snowfalls after a wave of cold that lasted several days, Genève Aéroport was closed throughout the morning. Significant resources have been mobilised to restore traffic.

Switzerland woke up this morning under a thick snow layer, which fell after many polar days. These extreme conditions facilitated the formation of ice on very cold soils, making operations on the tarmac impossible. As a priority for safety, Genève Aéroport has decided to suspend flights this Thursday morning. Hundreds of flights were cancelled at the departure and 98 on arrival.

After intense efforts on the tarmac, the operations were restored. The first plane was able to take off at 12.33 pm and the first landing was at 1.10 pm. Traffic resumes gradually. Regular situation updates with all the partners of the platform allow timely information of users on the Genève Aéroport internet platform, on the GVApp smartphone app, as well as on social networks. In addition, passengers wishing to obtain information on their flights can call the following number: 0900 57 15 00.

Important physical and human means were mobilised to secure the tarmac. 15 clearers equipped with 8-meter blades were put to work, accompanied by 6 snow cutters, 3 de-icing machines (which spread product over 30 meters), 20 dump trucks and 10 tractors equipped with snow blades. The snow system set up in recent days was possible thanks to the commitment of some 150 collaborators, in addition to those mobilised on the tarmac on a daily basis.

Sébastien Leprat, Head of External Relations