Genève Aéroport has participated in the Digital Day

Strongly involved in the economic development of the region, Genève Aéroport participated in the Digital Day on 21 November 2017. Innovation is indeed a strong and overarching axis of corporate strategy and a great opportunity for its development.  These digitisation projects translate in concrete measures, including the opening of the new Operations Centre of Genève Aéroport, APOC. They were presented throughout the day in the main hall of Cornavin station.

Supported by various Swiss institutions, the event brought together more than 40 public and private institutions that have revealed their steps towards digital innovation. The challenge? Position Switzerland as a global hub of innovation. The participants presented their projects in the large hall of the Zurich Main Station. The stations of Geneva, Lugano and Chur also organised several events. More than 100 events have been organised for the general public.

Digital innovation at the service of the airport 

Innovation is an overarching theme that affects many areas: security services and sustainable development, as well as travel experience and communications. It is an effective tool for the operational performance of the airport and an ideal means to cope with the exponential development of air traffic.

On the occasion of the Digital Day, Genève Aéroport presented some of its digital innovation initiatives:

> RobbI, the information robot > the future Chatbot > the carpet that detects metal in shoes> waste recycling in virtual reality

The Operations Centre of Genève Aéroport, APOC: a look behind the scenes at Genève Aéroport

Taking off and landing an aircraft requires a variety of processes (including air traffic control, the allocation of a parking space for the aircraft, baggage management, check-in and maintenance) and requires good coordination of the numerous participants. This is precisely the task of APOC, the new Operations Centre of Genève Aéroport.

The airport's control centre, APOC, was officially inaugurated this year and marks a turning point in dealing with operational issues. The centre is equipped with innovative technology, numerous screens that display various data in real time: weather forecasts, camera surveillance, passenger flows, parking lots ... All these data are great sources of information, not only to continually improve the punctuality, safety and capacity of the airport, but also to integrate Genève Aéroport into the European air traffic network. APOC provides the most accurate image of what is happening in real-time at the airport, thereby giving those in charge the means to manage situations in advance, in order to anticipate any possible problems before they occur.

“The APOC, with its existing technology, gives us the opportunity to anticipate the impact of potential problems and take proactive steps to ensure the smooth operation of the airport. It provides a transversal approach to the management of the airport and aims to meet the needs of our customers, passengers and airlines”, says Thomas Romig, Head of Airport Coordination at Genève Aéroport.

Discover APOC in video