For the comfort of its passengers, Genève Aéroport reduces queues at security checkpoints

Last Saturday, Genève Aéroport saw a record attendance, welcoming 76,036 passengers. Thanks to recent investments amounting to 27 million, waiting time at the security checkpoints have been significantly reduced. They did not exceed 20 minutes on average. New works are already underway to improve passengers’ comfort. In 2018, Genève Aéroport invests 6 million to reduce queues even more. These investments will be completed in July 2018 and will allow to check more than 300 additional passengers per hour.

Last weekend, Genève Aéroport had the opportunity to successfully test the new infrastructures completed in record time last year. The decrease of queues is partly related to the rerouting of a large part of passengers coming from or going to ski resorts, to a dedicated area, separate from the main security check. It is located on the first floor, at the West of Terminal 1, outside the building. It is equipped with three X-ray machines and two security check gates. These additional facilities allow, during peak times, to control 240 additional passengers per hour. More than 1 million has been spent on this development that significantly decreases queues during winter holidays

With the extension of the main terminal by 1,600 square meter and specific arrangements for the passengers’ flow coming from or going to countries outside the Schengen area, Genève Aéroport has invested nearly 27 million, to better manage passengers’ inflow in the busiest periods.

These efforts continue, as new works are currently underway. More than 400 square metres occupied until now by commercial areas have been freed for this purpose. Two X-ray machines will be installed instead of these retail spaces. Investing additional 6 million, Genève Aéroport thus has the possibility to check more than 300 additional passengers per hour as soon as July 2018.

Sébastien Leprat, Head of External Relations (+41 76 577 05 71)