The financial year 2016 allowed Genève Aéroport to achieve good results

The 2016 balance sheet closes with a turnover of 445.3 million Swiss francs, allowing the company to report a net profit of 80.8 million Swiss francs. The company has invested CHF 162 million.

Genève Aéroport ended 2016 with a turnover of 445,3 million Swiss francs (a 5.1% increase as compared to 2015), which allows it to report a 80.8 million profit, half of which was paid to the State of Geneva.

Aeronautical revenues (landing royalties, passenger charges...) represent from now on 56% of the 2016 revenues of the airport, against 44% of non-aeronautical revenues (commercial fees, car parks, operating revenue...). Despite a difficult environment (strong franc, Brexit, decrease of Russian and Chinese customers, works in the Terminal...), the shops and restaurants of the platform hold up well. This financial year confirms the uncoupling between aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues, which puts the economic model of Genève Aéroport under pressure.

Historic investments of CHF 162 million have been made.

In 2016, from one season to another, Geneva has been connected to some 142 destinations served by direct regular flights to 47 countries.

The main companies operating on the platform are easyJet (43.6%), SWISS (14.4%), British Airways (5%), Air France (4.4%), Lufthansa (2.9%), KLM (2,6%), Iberia (2.1%), Brussels Airlines (2%), TAP (2%) and Emirates (1.5%).

The top five most popular destinations are London (2,432,861 passengers), Paris (1,029,054), Amsterdam (663,199), Barcelona (663,673) and Porto (614,916).

As a reminder, Genève Aéroport welcomed 16,532,691 passengers in 2016, which translated into a 4.83% increase compared to 2015.

Movements (takeoffs and landings) reached 189,840 (versus 188,829 in 2015), i.e. a 0.54% increase.

We thus see a confirmation of the very clear uncoupling between the curve of the number of passengers and that of the number of movements. The larger aircraft have a higher fill rate. Less noisy and less greedy in kerosene, these last-generation aircraft have a lower impact on the environment.

Air freight activity rose to 69,296 tons, a 6.6% increase as compared with 2015.

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Bertrand Stämpfli

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