European week of sustainable development 2018


Finding the right balance between ecological, economic and social requirements is the challenge of sustainable development. And that’s exactly the meaning that Genève Aéroport intends to give to its development..

From 4 to 8 June 2018 Genève Aéroport will give concrete examples of its sustainable commitment through information stands, boards and movies.

Allow access to decent jobs, fight climate change, promote well-being of all at any age. These three goals have one thing in common: they are on the UN 2030 Agenda, among its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. A universal roadmap that provides a framework for many initiatives such as the European Week for Sustainable Development.

On this occasion, Genève Aéroport, in collaboration with the UN’s Perception Change Project team, will explain the nature of its actions to preserve the environment and well-being. The installation of a noise absorber on the tarmac, the growing exploitation of solar energy, the development of the fleet of electric vehicles: they take various forms and target 10 of the 17 objectives (#YOU NEED TO KNOW).

Want to know more? Visit the arrivals area of Genève Aéroport from 4 to 8 June 2018.