Un nouveau centre de tri bagages


BLC: a new baggage sorting centre


Entirely funded by Genève Aéroport, the Baggage Logistics Centre (BLC) project will equip the airport with a new hold baggage sorting centre by September 2022. The new system will be high-performing, innovative and more environmentally friendly. 

Why change the current baggage sorting system? First and foremost, because it is dated.
Indeed, the T1 sorting system will have been in place 27 years by the time it will be replaced in 2022. Secondly, because the system has reached its handling limit. With BLC, the airport will meet regulations thanks to its latest-generation scanners. New functions, like Early Bag Storage (EBS), which enables passengers to check in baggage in advance and organises baggage before sorting, will be put in place. 

Few numbers:

  • 625 linear metres affected by BLC
  • Surface area: 74’517 m2
  • 13,5 km of conveyor belts
  • 8 high-performance scanners
  • 270 million francs of investment
  • 5’200 pieces of baggage sorted each hour

Luggage routing circuit

BLC, an exceptional example of energy efficiency

Genève Aéroport has a strong environmental policy to reduce the ecological footprint of airport activities. BLC is a perfect example of this.

Here are some figures that illustrate the airport’s commitment:

  • 100 geothermal probes
  • 90% of energy requirements met internally
  • 1’100 m2 of solar panels
  • 7’718 m2 of green roofs
  • THPE Standard (Very High Energy Performance)
  • Overarching energy programme for construction and industrial equipment